Top 10 Rarest Most Expensive Nintendo NES Games

we’re going to be discussing the top 10 rarest and most expensive nintendo nes games the nintendo entertainment system now you’re playing with power now as per usual we have a few parameters we’re going to be following for this list and the list of parameters is kind of long this time so here we go first off we’re not including

Any competition cartridges so nintendo world championships and nintendo campus challenge will not be included we won’t be including any test cartridges so the zelda test cartridge will not be included along with others we won’t be including any unreleased games so cheetah man 2 is out we won’t be including any case variants we won’t be including any unlicensed games so peekaboo poker bubble bath babes and hot slots will not be included


And we won’t be including any graded games so everything we list is going to be complete ungraded games and we will be using north american complete inbox pricing so what this means is that the game box instruction manual inserts and game cartridge are going to be included for all the prices on this list so without further ado let’s get into it first up we’ve got mighty final fight this is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that was released in 1993. this is

Technically a spin-off of capcom’s 1989 arcade game final fight and the characters in this version are depicted in a comical child like chibi art style which i think was a unique and awesome change from the original the game’s plot is a comical retelling of the story from the first game and like the snes ports this is a single-player game however unlike the snes versions it retains all three playable characters from the arcade version this version also

Includes an experience point system that allows the players to learn new fighting moves the number of experience points awarded after defeating an enemy is dependent on the finishing move used by the player with stronger moves giving more points after accumulating a certain number of experience points the players will move to the next level increasing their attack power and maximum vitality there are 6 levels in total and once your character reaches level 4 you’ll

COASTER – The Legend of Zelda Nintendo Entertainment System Cartridge Style FlatReceive an additional special attack mighty final fight is a solid brawler that does the series justice the combat’s fast paced and packs a punch the graphics are vibrant and detailed and the over-the-top animations are incredible and though the game largely sticks to the franchise’s tried and true formula new features like the excellent experience system do a great job at keeping things fresh i’ve gotta say though that a two-player co-op mode

Would have been an awesome addition and the spongy controls and uneven difficulty can be rage inducing at times however if you don’t mind the challenge mighty final fight is a must play game for any fan of the beat-em-up genre the current market value of this game is 1 202.

donkey kong junior

next up we’ve got donkey kong junior math this was an educational math game released in 1986. this was the only game

Released in the education series of nes games in north america the education series was supposed to be a series of educational games released by nintendo and there was supposed to originally be three entries including a donkey kong music game and something else that’s unknown but the other two games were never released because of how much of a failure donkey kong junior math was the game features one player and two player modes in the one player mode the

Objective is to enter math answers in order to receive points and in the two-player mode each player applies a math operation between addition subtraction multiplication and division to the number that they have to make it another number trying to eventually reach a mutual goal number however signs and numbers are on the same field for each player and they’ve got to race each other to reach the final number first off there’s only two levels in the

Entire game that’s pretty sad the sound isn’t great and the best thing going for the game is its graphics which are still mediocre at best the math problems are very simple for the most part and the limited content isn’t helped at all by the stiff and confusing controls you have to give props to nintendo for attempting to dive into the edutainment genre before it was such a mainstream thing but unfortunately donkey kong jr math did not hit the mark at all they

Clearly just used the donkey kong name to add star power to an otherwise bad game this game is pretty horrible and i would not feel right encouraging anyone to play it the current market value of this game is 1295 dollars.

disney’s chip and dale rescue rangers 2

next up we’ve got disney’s chip and dale rescue rangers 2. this is a platforming game that was released in 1994 and the game is based on the disney cartoon chip

And dale rescue rangers obviously and is a sequel to the 1990 video game for the nes of the same name the game features a single-player and two-player cooperative mode as with the first game each individual stage is set up in side-scrolling levels where chip and dale can walk jump duck and pick up objects such as acorns crates barrels and balls to throw out enemies and bosses each character can withstand only three direct hits before they lose a

NES Final Fantasy Nintendo Game With CaseLife although it is possible to earn more hits over the course of the game unlike the first game there’s no map screen as the stages are set up in linear order with the exception of the amusement park stage another new feature in the game is the ability for one player to pick up and throw the other player as a weapon very cool addition for those of you who have played rescue rangers 1 this game is a half decent sequel but isn’t quite as good as the

First installment in my opinion the controls are still great and the level design is fun but there are less levels in number two and also the graphics can feel muddy and unattractive in the early stages luckily there was one noticeable improvement for the second game the boss battles which are amazing the fights have graduated from the ball trucking formula of the first game and have added upgraded boss attack patterns and battlefield hazards if you’ve played the

First you already know what to expect from this installment i think it would have been nice to see some new items branching pass or maybe multiple endings but instead the map screen was completely eliminated and the game was made much more linear although this is still a really fun game i definitely think they could have done it better the current market value of this game is one thousand three hundred and seven dollars.

bubble bobble part two

Next up we’ve got bubble bobble part two this is a puzzle platforming game that was released in 1993 bubble wobble part 2 keeps the core gameplay of its predecessor with most stages consisting of a single screen full of platforms and enemies who must be defeated before you can move on to the next challenge enemies can be trapped in bubbles that your character shoots out of his mouth and those bubbles can then be popped and the enemies inside turn to delicious

Foods which can then be picked up for bonus points the sequel adds a few new mechanics that weren’t present in the first bubble bobble but the most important of those being the ability to store multiple bubbles inside your dinosaur holding b causes bub or bob to inflate allowing for them to slowly float in the air releasing b will cause them to shoot three bubbles at once this isn’t terribly useful against regular enemies but the technique is really good

Against bosses and mini bosses the graphics in part 2 are great with detailed sprites that have been given just enough of a size increase to allow for more detail without making the stages feel too crowded each world also comes with its own unique music most of which is a great improvement over the first bubble bobble iconic but limited soundtrack one of the biggest downfalls to part two is its lack of cooperative two-player mode in part one you could

Have two players playing simultaneously however they removed that function in part two for some reason instead they replaced it with a two-player mode where the players rotate taking turns every time a life is lost dumb part 2 is meant to feel like an adventure and one that can be completed in a single sitting in some ways it’s an improvement over its prequel but it’s sad that bubble bobble part 2 abandoned so many of the cool concepts from the

First bubble bobble it’s still a pretty fun and cute game that’s worth checking out the current market value of this game is 1596 dollars next up we’ve got powerblade 2 this is an action platforming game that was released in 1992. this is a sequel to the game powerblade that was released for the nes in 1991 the original powerblade was basically a mega man ripoff that ended up being pretty good


The game takes place in the year 2200 and follows nova the protagonist from the first powerblade game as he sets out on a mission for the us department of defense to destroy the delta foundation who’s created a new cyborg that can threaten global security if it falls into the wrong hands the game control is almost identical to the first powerblade but your character seems to walk a little bit slower this is counteracted with a new slide technique similar to

Mega man which allows you to move faster and slide under enemy fire the graphics are a bit darker than its predecessor and don’t look as good in my opinion similar situation with the music where the tunes in the first game were a bit more catchy in this game the main focus is on the power suits in each level you can fight an optional mid-boss which is really just a variation of the dragon boss from the original powerblade and if you win this battle you get one of four

Specialized suits they all have the same super powerful energy attack but each also has some unique special abilities power blade 2 is a good game but still felt a little bit disappointing the power suit mechanic was a great addition but it’s sad that not all aspects of the original game were improved upon the current market value of this game is 1 805 [Music] now for a quick word from the sponsor of

This video no i’m just kidding nobody’s sponsoring this small channel but if you enjoy content like this we put out video game related content every single thursday and you can consider subscribing to moonshine gaming to stay up to date with future videos back to the list next up we’ve got bonk’s adventure this is a side scrolling platform game released in 1994 you play as bonk a strong and bald cave boy who battles

bonk’s adventure

Anthropomorphic dinosaurs and other prehistoric enemies bonk’s mission is to rescue princess za who’s been kidnapped by the evil king drool while bonk was known primarily for being the leading franchise on the turbo graphics 16 pc engine bonk also received an adaptation on the nes in addition to the game boy amiga and even an arcade game speaking of turbo graphics 16 if you want to check out our previous video for the top 10 rarest and most expensive

Bubble Bobble (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1988)Turbo graphics 16 games we’ll link it above and in the description below the nes port had to have the colors downgraded due to hardware limitations but the graphics look pretty good all things considered another thing to note is that the amount of space on an nes cartridge was also much smaller and some levels had to be cut from the original game also some of the remaining levels had to be edited as well you also won’t find the nes version to be as

Challenging as the original as the hardware wasn’t able to put as many enemies on screen at a time bonk’s adventure is easy to pick up but hard to put down simple fun is its main draw but the game also has a few more complicated mechanics to keep you on your toes if you’re looking for more out of the game it’s bad music and merely decent level design doesn’t detract too much from the enjoyable gameplay but both of these aspects are better executed in the

Game’s original version it’s safe to say that the turbografx 16 version of this game is far superior to the nes version and is better in every single way but don’t get the wrong impression this is still a great game and if you’re a platforming fan you’ll definitely have a good time playing bonk’s adventure on the nes the current market value of this game is two thousand and eighty dollars next up we’ve got flintstones.

Surprise at dinosaur peak

Surprise at dinosaur peak this is a platforming game that was released in 1994. this platformer based on the hit hanna-barbera cartoon arrived pretty late on the nes scene this seems to be a trend today with most of the games on this list releasing years after the launch of the super nintendo on top of this the game was reportedly exclusive to blockbuster video for the majority of its run further alienating itself from the market although no hard evidence has

Been found to confirm this fact so this could be just a rumor in the game you can switch playable characters between both fred and barney and they both have different attacks and abilities fred can use a club to bash enemies at close range while barney has a slingshot and can use it at certain distances to attack enemies from far away some parts of the game require different strategies often cases where you’ll have to swap between fred and barney in order to

Progress in the level the first few levels of the game are kind of bland but about halfway through the game it really starts to pick up and challenge the player many of the later levels require tight platforming quick character changes and some serious endurance with some longer levels there’s also a variety of mini games to play such as ice hockey and basketball to earn some extra lives one of the downsides to this game is its fidgety controls fred’s

Ledge grab ability and barney’s ability to stand on poles never really feels fluid this is unfortunate because once you progress to the later stages in the game you’ll be required to use these skills a lot resulting in some cheap feeling deaths with some tighter controls this game could have been significantly better overall the flintstones the surprise at dinosaur peak is a pretty good game and had it released a couple years prior i’m sure

It would have been more well known the current market value of this game is 2561. [Music] next up we’ve got panic restaurant this is a platforming game that was released in 1992 panic restaurant stars a chef named cookie who must navigate through his own restaurant which has been cursed by rival chef named odev cookie has to battle evil food monsters with kitchen utensil weapons in six levels before

Taking on odov in a final battle you can attack enemies with your frying pan for short range attacks spoon for mid range and plates for long range you can also hop on your fork like a pogo but if you’re hit even once you’ll reduce back to the frying pan weapon you can also headbutt enemies as ridiculous as this game’s concept may seem it does make for a pretty good platformer the assortment of enemies are great and most of them have unique attack patterns the bosses

Are just as silly as the normal enemies there’s a mad popcorn dish an ice cream cone and even an angry microwave their attack patterns are relatively simple to figure out but these boss battles can still be pretty tricky the game is well paced with extra lives and life restoring food placed exactly where you need them unfortunately there’s only six stages and they can feel pretty short while panic restaurant’s brief length is a bummer it’s fun while it lasts all in

All panic restaurant is a solid game it isn’t complicated doesn’t have any innovative features but does what it does well it may not be the best title that taito released on the nes but i can’t deny that it’s a really fun platformer the current market value of this game is two thousand eight hundred and one dollars

next up we’ve got little samson this is a platforming game that was released in 1992.

little samson

1992 the game was released by taito and this is actually the fifth title game on this list alongside powerblade 2 bubble bobble 2 flintstones and panic restaurant i’m not sure why but it seems like taito got their act together after the launch of the snes in 1991 as they have a ton of solid games that were released between 91 and 94. to be honest almost everything about this game is incredible the music is catchy and memorable game controls are tight and

Responsive and the graphics are smooth and colorful throughout the game you’ll meet a few allies that’ll join your team which include a dragon a golem and a mouse you’ll be able to rotate between these characters at will as you progress in the game you’ll encounter situations where you’ll have to switch your character to one of your allies to progress this is kind of similar to what i was explaining in the flintstones game when it comes to the game’s visual

Appeal the bosses deserve a special mention for looking incredibly wicked in addition to being fun and challenging battles many of them clash with the cute designs of the protagonists and would look more at home in a game like castlevania there wasn’t one bad boss fight in this whole game little samson has it all gorgeous graphics vibrant music solid gameplay an even difficulty curve and decent length over numerous levels with good variety like many

Others on this list this game was released later in the nes lifespan which made its rarity inevitable but it’s unlikely that it could have been made earlier due to its advanced graphical detail as the only game of its kind with no plans for any sequels or additional memorabilia samson and friends had little chance to prosper outside their current cult status this game is one of my personal favorites on the nintendo the current market value of this game is

next up number one stadium events this is a sports fitness game that was released in 1987. in the game the players compete in four olympic events the 100 meter dash 110 meter hurdles long jump and triple jump it’s funny to think that a sort of spiritual predecessor to wii.

olympic events

The most successful games of all time would be the rarest most obscure game on the nes and possibly in gaming altogether what makes this otherwise standard game so rare is that just after release it was actually recalled as an official third party title stadium events made use of an accessory called the family fun fitness pad say that 10 times fast it required the players to run and step rapidly in order to complete each event it’s kind of like a

Tetris (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1989)Ddr mat upon its release nintendo decided to grant the game a first party production recalling all the initial cartridges that had been sent out the game would later become world-class track meet and would be played with nintendo’s own controller called the power pad both became very common and were often packed in with a lot of nes consoles but stadium events the original anomaly had snuck out in very limited numbers rumor has it that only around

2000 copies of the game were manufactured and only 200 of those shipped to retail selling exclusively at woolworths in the northeastern united states it should be noted that the pal versions were not recalled and are not worth as much even though many ebay sellers try and pass them off as rarities or jump on the hype of the rare north american version this is not only the rarest commercial release for the nes but also one of the rarest video

Games of all time the current market value of this game is 51 630 dollars [Music] what was your favorite game on the list you can let us know down in the comments and also if you have any suggestions for future top 10 videos you can let us know down below that’s going to do it for this one we’ll see you next time