Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership (12 Months) + Expansion Pack – 1 Spot

Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership (12 Months) + Expansion Pack – 1 Spot

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Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership (12 Months) + Expansion Pack – 1 Spot




PLATFORM                   : NINTENDO SWITCH

REGION                         : WORLDWIDE 

DELIVERY METOHD     : Email Delivery (No physical product will be delivered)

DELIVERY TIME            : Within few minutes to maximum 6 hours upon receive Buyer’s Nintendo Account Email 

WHAT WILL YOU GET  : Invitation Email from Nintendo to join my Family Group ( IT DOES NO COME WITH ANY CODE )



  • This online membership does not come with any code
  • You are purchasing a spot in a shared family membership account with EXPANSION PACK for 1 year
  • You will be invited to my family group to get the online membership activated
  • This does not works if you had created Supervised account under your Nintendo Account
  • This does not works if you had formed own family group

ANY CANCELLATION will have fee charges to the seller. Appreciate you understand and read the product description carefully before placing the order. 

 Please follow these instructions when purchasing: 

 1. Have your Nintendo account email (You can register for one on if you do not have one) 

 2. Add the email associated with your Nintendo Account as a note during the checkout process. If you forget to do this just message us with the email address. 

3. You will receive an invitation email directly from Nintendo to activate your membership, click on this link and you will have Nintendo online for 12 months. Enjoy!  


Q: Is this a code?

A: No, this is not a code. It is an invitation to a family group. 

Q: What do I need to do to buy it?

A: Just send us the email address that you registered with Nintendo and you’ll receive a link from Nintendo to activate the subscription. 

Q: In a family membership do other members have access to my information, data or games?

A: No, other members do not have access to your games, save data or anything else.

Q: If I am already a member of another Switch Online family group will this work?

A: No, you will need to first remove yourself from the other plan before joining this one. You can do so by going to After you login, click on Settings, then Family Group and then on the Leave this Family Group button 

Q: Can I join the family membership if I had created supervised account in my Nintendo Account

A: No, If you had created Supervised Account in your Nintendo Account, you are not able to join others family group. 

Q: I have regular individual online membership and is active now, can I purchase the family membership with expansion pack?

A: Yes. The family membership expansion pack does work even your regular individual online membership is active. However, the remainder period in the individual membership does not transfer to the family membership expiry period. 

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