Max Payne 3 PC NEW

Max Payne 3 PC NEW

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Brand New: An item that has never been opened or removed from the manufacturer’s sealing (if applicable). Item
Release Year: 2012


Genre: Shooter
Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada) Platform: PC
Rating: M – Mature Game Name: Max Payne 3
Video Game Series: max payne Publisher: Rockstar Games

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Rockstar Games



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Product Information
The third installment of the critically acclaimed “Max Payne” series makes its way to the PC. The gritty, modern noir crime-action PC game takes you from New York City to the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. You once again fight in stylish, high-action shootouts with a variety of weapons and other deadly accessories true to the Max Payne arsenal. See how the years treated the titular tragic protagonist as he uncovers yet another criminal plot laid at his feet far from home.The publisher of “Max Payne 3” was Rockstar Games, and the developer was Rockstar Studios. This version was released in 2012 on multiple platforms. It is told wholly from the third-person perspective with Max Payne providing his quintessential dramatic film noir narration throughout the game. In the single-player campaign of the game, you control Max, now a full-on vigilante after the events of the previous games. His current job puts him on private security duty in Brazil, but death, betrayal, and the horrors of human ambition aren’t far behind.Apart from your usual deadly shooting accessories, Max can also use melee attacks and explosives to take down enemies. Bullet Time, perhaps the most famous feature from these games, makes its triumphant return to let you shoot your way out of trouble. This feature enables you to slow down time to get the deadliest shots possible on your enemies. New to the games is this Last Stand mechanic, which keeps you alive long enough to get revenge on the enemy who depleted your health.The third-person-shooter-style of combat will be familiar to fans of those games. For the first time in the series, however, you can hide Max behind cover and use it to your advantage in combat. You progress through the story much like in previous games by taking on enemies throughout the levels. You must also pick up accessories and clues as you proceed through each stage. Interactive cut scenes blend seamlessly in with the gameplay, providing a realistic crime-drama feel for which the games are known.For the first time in the Max Payne universe, “Max Payne 3” has a multiplayer mode available. This is possible via the Rockstar Games Social Club platform. Up to 16 players can join in the game on online multiplayer and battle in both co-op and competitive gameplay. Recreated stages from the single-player campaign are available as maps to explore. Objectives and in-game missions involve choosing a faction and battling the opposing team using bullet-time and slow-motion dodges. There are also four DLC packs available for purchase to enhance your “Max Payne 3” experience. They add more accessories, play achievements, trophies, and mission objectives into multiplayer mode.Get ready for some serious gunplay from the game series that pushed the limits of shooter games. Continue the twisted story and high-octane action with memorable characters whose greed knows no limits. “Max Payne 3” is rated M for blood and gore, intense violence, and partial nudity. The game also contains strong language, strong sexual content, and the use of drugs and alcohol.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Rockstar Games
MPN 710425316074
UPC 0710425316074
eBay Product ID (ePID) 72495525

Product Key Features
Release Year 2012
Genre Shooter
Platform PC
Game Name Max Payne 3

Additional Product Features
Number of Players 1-16
ESRB Rating M – Mature
Control Elements Mouse, Keyboard
ESRB Descriptor Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol
Game Name Special Features Engage in stylized shootouts with an assortment of weapons Features the all-new setting of Sao Paulo, Brazil Storyline takes place 12 years after Max Payne 2
Game Name Series MAX Payne Series
Location USA

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