Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events (Famicom, 1987)

Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events (Famicom, 1987)

Stadium Events
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Very Good: An item that is used but still in very good condition. No damage to the jewel case or item cover, no
Release Year: 1987


Genre: Sports
Game Name: Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events, Stadium Events Platform: Nintendo NES
Publisher: Bandai UPC:




About this product

Product Information
Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events is a vintage Nintendo game sure to excite fans of classic gameplay. This sports video game, first released by Bandai in 1987, gives gamers the chance to participate in matches, compete against opponents, and much more. Since its initial release, this NES game has become a prized collector’s item. Stadium Games is ideal for anyone looking to add rare video games to their collection. During the game, the player has the option to participate in four Olympic-inspired athletic contests. There is the 100-meter dash, where two players compete in a thrilling dash to the finish line. Another challenge is 100-meter hurdles, where gamers are forced to jump over white box markers to beat their opponent. In the long jump, gamers must jump in the air to achieve the most impressive distance. Finally, there is the triple jump. In this challenge, gamers are made to jump over three jump markers. To play Stadium Events, gamers need the Family Fun control mat, also known as the Power Pad. This mat is used to track the motions of the gamers, and it can be used by two players at once. While much of the gameplay is controlled through the Nintendo Power Pad, users also need a controller to navigate the menu options. The left side of the pad is designated for the two running meets, while the right side of the pad can be used for any of the games. To ensure that they achieve the best speed, a player needs to pay careful attention to the row of buttons on the mat, which is crucial to success. It’s also important that gamers don’t lift their feet before the starting signal. Any false moves can lead to automatic disqualification from an event. Nintendo’s Stadium Events provides gamers with two different modes: tournament mode and Olympics mode. When a player uses tournament mode, they play against a team of computer-controlled opponents. To win, they must be quicker than the six computer opponents at the various races. Gamers are disqualified when they accrue three false starts. When playing in Olympics mode, on the other hand, they’re competing against friends for the title of best athlete. The pad can sustain two gamers at once, but as many as six participants can register and compete for each event. The four events are played consecutively, and the gamers are compared to world track records from 1982. This game was released in September 1987, and its legend has only grown since its first introduction to the American gaming market. While Stadium Events was originally released as a Nintendo Entertainment System product, the company soon recalled many of the editions on the market. It was then re-released under the title World Class Track Meet. The relative scarcity of this game has made it a hot commodity among NES aficionados. It was even featured in a documentary on the subject called “Nintendo Quest.” Some collectors say this game is incredibly rare on the market. For Nintendo collectors, Stadium Events is a prime investment piece.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Bandai
UPC 0045557873059
eBay Product ID (ePID) 56237850

Product Key Features
Release Year 1987
Genre OTHER, Sports
Game Name Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events, Stadium Events

Additional Product Features
Number of Players 1
Platform SUPER NES
Location USA

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