Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (Nintendo NES) Complete in Box GREAT Shape

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (Nintendo NES) Complete in Box GREAT Shape

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Good: An item in used but good condition. May have minor damage to jewel case including scuffs or cracks,
Release Year: 1990


Genre: Platformer
Game Name: Disney's Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers Platform: Nintendo NES
Publisher: Capcom UPC:




About this product

Product Information
You can find Disney’s “Rescue Rangers” in more places than just your TV; they are also in classic NES games. Disney’s Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers is a 1990 NES action-adventure game built on a side-scrolling platform, which plays similar to arcade games. The design allows for one- or two-player gameplay, and it was developed by Capcom for release by Nintendo. What starts as a simple kitten rescue for a girl named Mandy becomes a race to save fellow Rescue Ranger Gadget. Chip and Dale, Disney’s hilarious investigative detectives, are asked to help save a little girl’s cat. However, the furry, dynamic duo doesn’t realize they are set up for an even more intense and personal rescue mission. While helping to find the lost kitten, Gadget is taken prisoner by Fat Cat. It quickly becomes apparent that the main boss intends to take over the entire city by forcing Gadget to do his bidding.Finally settling the rivalry between the two chipmunks, this Chip ‘N Dale Nintendo game dedicates controller one to Chip and controller two to Dale. Every once in a while, other famous Rescue Rangers will show up to help Chip and Dale with specific missions. Monterrey Jack often turns up when Chip or Dale need help to break down barricades, and Zipper can grant a player temporary invincibility. Although Gadget is being held captive by Fat Cat, if you run across him in the game, he can provide tips and tricks to help a player get past a particular level. Usually Gadget can contact the chipmunks by carrier pigeon or a wireless phone that he built himself. In the NES cooperative game, Chip and Dale can duck, jump, and walk. The chipmunks can pick up objects along the way to help them in their attempts to save the kitten; these items include acorns, crates, barrels, and balls. The most common way to use these retrieved objects is to throw them at enemies who are attempting to foil their retrieval mission. Players can only take three direct hits before losing a life in this NES game. You can choose the order in which you want to complete levels, but you must still play and pass them all. Levels are selected from a map built into the game. Different levels feature various locations in the city including a laboratory, casino, and even a secret hideout. In total, there are 11 levels for the Rangers to beat. To complete the level, the chipmunks must manage the entire level and conquer a level boss at the end of each stage. After destroying all level bosses, gamers must face the central boss, a nefarious feline villain. One of the reasons this NES title is still popular is because it is fun to play for the whole family. With simple storytelling and enjoyable tasks, young children can easily follow along. Parents, especially those who were ’80s kids themselves, will enjoy seeing their favorite Disney Rangers in action and helping their children tackle level bosses. Immerse yourself in the Disney Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers video game for nostalgia and fun.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Capcom
UPC 0013388110209
eBay Product ID (ePID) 56241216

Product Key Features
Release Year 1990
Genre Platformer, Action/Adventure, Adventure, Action/Adventure
Game Name Disney’s Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Additional Product Features
Number of Players 1-2
Platform NES
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Game Name Series 3d Hunting
Location USA

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