Bubble Bobble Junior Original Chinese Ver. (Game Boy) CART ONLY! – ULTRA RARE!

Bubble Bobble Junior Original Chinese Ver. (Game Boy) CART ONLY! – ULTRA RARE!

Bubble Bobble 2
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Release Year: 1994 Game Name: Bonk's Revenge
Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Publisher: Nintendo




About this product

Product Information
And you thought kidnapping the Moon Princess was bad! This time, King Drool has set his intentions on causing a great deal more havoc by splitting Earth in two. Only Bonk, the prehistoric caveboy with a head as big as his body, can defeat Drool and put things back to normal.

In Bonk’s Revenge, it’s up to you to control our hero through six stages of literally “using your head.” Instead of utilizing the “butt-bounce” found in many 2D platform games, Bonk prefers to dispose of his antagonists with a nice head-butt. He’s also got some mammoth jaws capable of biting his way up walls and even along ceilings. Mid-jump, Bonk has the ability to slow his descent by spinning around rapidly.

To battle his enemies more effectively, the caveboy can gulp down a piece of meat. Doing so yields a game of “meat roulette,” which in turn metamorphoses Bonk into one of three transformations: “Stealth Bonk” opens secret doors, “Master Bonk” destroys all onscreen enemies by crashing his head into the ground, and “Hungry Bonk” devours baddies, causing even more damage than a head-butt.

Also able to assist Bonk are a variety of power-ups granting him extra men, a longer lifeline, replenished health or invincibility. If Bonk captures a flower, it will escort him to a bonus fighting game in which he must defeat the evil Mechabonk in two out of three attempts. Success yields an extra man, while failure results in a mummy-like “Wounded Bonk” who will take twice as much damage as usual.

Each stage ends with a powerful boss character who must be defeated in order to advance. In the final stage, Bonk must overcome all five previous bosses and then take on King Drool in order to save Earth and be a hero once more.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Electro Brain Corp.
UPC 0039854000348
eBay Product ID (ePID) 2454

Product Key Features
Release Year 1994
Platform Nintendo Game Boy
Game Name Bonk’s Revenge

Additional Product Features
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating E-Everyone
Genre Action/Adventure, Adventure, Action/Adventure
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Game Name Series Bonk Series
Location USA

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