Bonk’s Adventure Nintendo Original Game Boy + Color & Advance Cart Only Tested

Bonk’s Adventure Nintendo Original Game Boy + Color & Advance Cart Only Tested

Bonk’s Adventure
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Item specifics

Release Year: 1992 Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)
Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Rating: n/a
Game Name: Bonk's Adventure Video Game Series: Bonk
Publisher: Hudson Soft Genre: Action & Adventure, Platformer
Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan Manufacturer Warranty: None


Sub-Genre: Platformer
Custom Bundle: No Features: Cart Only, Tested & Working




About this product

Product Information
Hudson Soft’s prehistoric platform star makes his Game Boy debut in Bonk’s Adventure. Based on the acclaimed TurboGrafx-16 game, Bonk’s Adventure stars a cave boy whose head is more than twice the size of his body. His Cro-Magnon cranium can be used to “bonk” enemies into submission, as the pint-sized hero makes his way across six dangerous levels on Dinosaur Island. Bonk can also jump, swim, and perform somersaults in the air. Collect happy face icons for bonus points, meat slabs for power-ups, hearts to replenish lost life, and extra lives to continue your adventure. Also found on each stage is a flower, which will transport Bonk to a skill-oriented bonus round. Battle an assortment of enemies while making your way to the evil King Drool’s castle, where the dastardly dinosaur has imprisoned Bonk’s beloved Princess Za.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Hudson Soft
UPC 0039854000201
eBay Product ID (ePID) 2419

Product Key Features
Release Year 1992
Platform Nintendo Game Boy
Game Name Bonk’s Adventure

Additional Product Features
Number of Players 1
Genre Action/Adventure, Adventure, Action/Adventure
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Game Name Special Features Defeat comical enemies by bashing them with Bonk’s gigantic head Explore Dinosaur Island’s six regions Chomp on meat to become more powerful
Game Name Series Bonk Series
Location USA

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